Our Mission

Xerigrass was created to fill a need in the marketplace – specifically, to offer good (synthetic) grass to wholesalers and dealers at great prices. We do this a few ways.

Our Strategy

Focus on Grass
First, we focus on providing the grass. We are as streamlined as we can be, and the intent is to provide good synthetic grass products. What you won’t find are reduced prices due to shortcuts. Some wholesalers will offer good looking “knock-offs”, but get their pricing edge by using lower quality yarns, leaving out UV protection, etc. That is not the case with Xerigrass.
Less Overhead
Second, since we are focused on the grass, we leave the rest to you. We don’t provide all the frills of marketing material and such. This allows us to get the grass products to you with small margins, getting you good grass products at great prices.
Wholesale Only
Third, we don’t sell retail. We are not designed or set up to service the end-user market. We leave that to you. This enables us to keep our focus where it should be, on getting the small business owner good grass at great prices.
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